2021 Thinx Reviews: How to Clean Thinx Period Underwear?

Thinx cleaning how to wash your Thinx period underwear

I have used Thinx for three years and these are the questions I get asked a lot: How do you clean your Thinx period underwear? How do you make sure all the blood comes out? Are Thinx hard to maintain?

Cleaning Thinx is easy and takes only a few minutes!

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How I Clean My Thinx period underwear

For the last three years, I almost always wash my Thinx period underwear by hands because I often don’t have access to a washing machine when I travel. It doesn’t take long, probably only two or three minutes for each pair.

  1. Wet it and rinse out the blood under the faucet.

    You can wash them when you take a shower!

  2. Squeeze.

    Use your hands to squeeze the gusset part to squeeze out all the blood. When you see the water doesn’t have the color of the blood and it doesn’t smell like blood, it’s good!

  3. Soap.

    Use some soap and wash out the gusset part. If you see that the bubbles have the color of blood, wash it more.

  4. Hang dry.

    After you wash your Thinx, always hang dry them. Putting them in the dryer is technically okay but it wears them out faster. Also, don’t use any bleach or iron them.

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Are Thinx Machine Washable?

how to wash and clean Thinx period underwear

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Yes! You can put your Thinx period underwear in the washing machine but make sure you rinse out most of the blood with cold water before you put them in with other clothes.

I usually wash my Thinx right after I change them out. If I am out for the whole day, I wash all my Thinx at night all together, by hands or in a washing machine.

If you use the washing machine to wash Thinx, remember to use a full cycle, not the half cycle or the quick cycle.

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How do you make sure your Thinx are clean?

When the water you use to rinse out your Thinx doesn’t have the color of blood, you’re good!

The Thinx you change out to wash immediately can be cleaned with just clean water.

? Thinx Are Clean INSIDE after 3 Years!

The Thinx that you wash at the end of the day all together might take a little longer to wash. If you want to make sure they are clean, you can rinse out most of the blood with cold water, put all of them in the washing machine and run the full cycle on them. It’s okay to put them together with your other clothes.

For the Thinx you’ve used for a while, Thinx recommends that you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to clean them. This may discolor your Thinx but it will not affect the absorbency. I personally never had to do this.

Do Thinx Smell Bad?

This was my biggest concern before buying my first 3 pairs of Thinx. After using them monthly for three years, my period hasnt left any odor in my underwear. Except for some discoloration from drying them out in the sun, my Thinx underwear feels almost like new.

This is probably because of the odor-controlling layer, which contains non-migratory silver. There are more details about this on the FAQ page on the Thinx official website.

During my period, I bring extra pairs in my purse for changing. I put the ones I change out of into a little bag in my purse and wash all of them together when I get home. When I take them out to wash, they don’t smell like anything other than blood.

Are Thinx Hygienic?

As mentioned on  Thinx’s official website, each pair of Thinx period underwear has 4 layers. In the third layer, each pair  “has an application of non-migratory silver, commonly used in performance wear and medical devices to control odor and the spread of bacteria.” There’s more information about this on the FAQ page on the Thinx official website, under the question, “Are Thinx hygienic?”

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