2021 Thinx Review: Do Thinx Really Work? Why Do They Not Leak?

Here is a video I created about how effective think period underwear is! It is supposed to hold up to 2 tampons worth of liquid (about 10 ml). I actually used 15ml in the video. As you can see, it didn’t leak! Three out of the four layers of the fabric in the gusset part (in your crotch) are made to absorb liquid and prevent leaking. They work great!

2021 Thinx Reviews: How to Clean Thinx Period Underwear?

For the last three years, I almost always wash my Thinx period underwear by hands because I often don’t have access to a washing machine when I travel. It doesn’t take long, probably only two or three minutes for each pair.

2021 Thinx Review: Feel Like New After 3 Years!

I bought my first 3 pairs of Thinx in 2017 after seeing their ad in Chicago’s subway. I bought three more right after, and have been loving them ever since! 🎥Videos of What Thinx Really Feel Like One of the things I’m really amazed about is that their seams still look really perfect after 3…

🧐I cut open the Thinx Period Underwear I used for 3 years.

Today, I got my new Thinx so I cut open one of my old ones-even though they still work. All the layers are so thin! So incredible that it absorbs so much! 🤯That 3rd layer isn’t what I expect to look like! They all look completely fine inside!