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How Did I Start to Use Thinx?

Back in 2017, on a subway in Chicago, this Thinx ad caught my attention. It was refreshing and compelling to see vaginas – artfully done albeit – but vaginas nonetheless, in such a public space. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of replacing my pads and tampons, so I snapped  a picture of the website and researched it straight away.

I was hesitant to buy them until I was actually able to handle them in person. Thanks to a progressive co-worker (Hi Tammy!) I was able to do so, and made my first purchase shortly after.

I saw Thinx ad in chicago subway and started to use it soon after

Why Did I Become A Thinx Leader?

After 3 years, Thinx has really won my trust for their products. My friends that I’ve recommended Thinx tovouch for them as well! I’m highly impressed by Thinx because:

  • Thinx are so durable – after three years they’re still in good condition!
  • Thinx are so light and thin but are also incredibly absorbent!
  • Reusable period products align with my environmental, minimalist lifestyle!
  • Yes, they give me a small commission if you buy through my link – which helps support me to create and share more resources with you about working remotely while travelling and living minimally. Thank you! And don’t worry – the price you’re charged online is the same no matter what! In fact, you get Thinx cheaper through me!

People Often Ask Me These Thinx Questions

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Thinx Ambassador Super Mei Travel Smile By the Pool Thinx Sport

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What’s It Like to be A Thinx Leader

Thinx isn’t just a period underwear company. They are on a mission to promote body positivity and to smash shame around reproductive health. I’ve been loving our online workshops about female health issues and biases.Likewise, it’s been really empowering to be part of a global community of doctors, community leaders and women from all walks of lives.

Try Thinx for Free!

If you’re still not 100% convinced, you can actually try out Thinx for 60 days. If they don’t suit you, Thinx can be returned for free! This is the same for people who live outside of the US and Canada too!

So, there’s a 60-day free trial, you can get a discount through me, you can buy more pairs to get more discounts, and the holiday promotions are coming for sure! What are you waiting for? ?

You must be really curious about Thinx by now.

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