Staying and Eating in Samaná, Dominican Republic

Staying in Samamá

If you are on a budget, all the places to stay in Samaná on, might look a bit expensive for you. At least it was for us. They were all over at least 2000 pesos/35 USD per night. That was why we decided to just look around when we got to Samaná. We found this guesthouse below in Samaná that was 1000 pesos (around 17 USD) a night: a simple room with a bathroom. No hot water or AC, which we didn’t think were necessary.

“Casa De Huespedes” means a guesthouse. That’s Rosa, the manager of the guesthouse, in the picture.
Contact: Rosa’s Whatsapp +1-646-363-3132

The town felt safe, but you know you always can’t be sure when you’re new in town. Rosa and her friends suggested that we should move our scooter into the room  –  which shocked me and stressed me out because there was a gap taller than the wheel itself between the room and the sidewalk. The guy who was with them just sat on his scooter, calmly evaluating the situation, looking around in the seemingly trash piles around us and picking up two long wooden boards. Then, he got our scooter into the room!

Eating in Samaná

Many restaurants in Samaná were closed when we visited. It could be because of Covid-19 and the lack of tourists. We ate at JC’s Burgers right on the main road.The quality seemed good and the prices were reasonable: around 5 USD per person. It has the view of the bridge and the harbor.

JC's Burger in Samana Dominican Republic
Mofongo in JC's Burger in Samana Dominican Republic
Mofongo with chuleta (pork chop) – About 300 Dominican pesos (5USD)
Mangu in JC's Burger in Samana Dominican Republic
Mangu with Salami and red onions – About 170 Dominican pesos (3USD)

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