2021 Thinx Review: Do Thinx Really Work? – My Honest Reviews After 3 Years

Thinx hiphugger works well on your light and heavy days

Do Thinx work? Yes! they work and I recommend them! 😎Let me tell you my honest reviews after using them for 3 years.

I started to use Thinx period underwear in 2017. I purchased 3 pairs at first because of their 10% discount. Soon after, I bought 3 more. After 3 years, I’m still using these same 6 pairs of Thinx period underwear!

They are so durable, comfortable, and they’re leak-proof. As Thinx says in their advertisement, Thinx “helps me period better!” It’s hard to find products that deliver their promises these days!

The six pairs of Thinx underwear I’m using now are 4 Thinx Hiphuggers for my heavier 1st and 2nd days, Thinx Highwaist for when I go to bed, and one Thinx Sport to use in combination with Thinx Hiphuggers on my lighter days.

🎥Videos of What Thinx Really Feel Like

Why Do I Recommend Thinx Period Underwear?

I had always used pads for my period until I found Thinx in 2017. In Taiwan, where I’m from, pads are a lot more common than tampons. I’m glad I don’t have to use either anymore, because I never liked the feeling of a tampon, and pads always feel stiff and sticky, no matter how thin they are.

I have used this pair of Thinx Sport in the picture for three years. The seams and everything are still perfect!

Why I recommend Thinx period underwear:

  • They really work! | Imagine simply wearing a pair of regular underwear during your period – It feels like that! Maybe even more comfortable!
  • They fit well | The design of the shape of Thinx underwear fits my body really well, and they still do after 3 years! No worries about leaking from the sides!
  • They last for years | After 3 years, Thinx period underwear still feels almost new – the seams, the absorbency, the elastics, everything!
  • They are easy to take care of | Wash them the same way  you wash other clothes. They can go in your washing machine, too! Remember, hang dry them and don’t use bleach on it or iron them!

🎥Watch My Thinx Hiphugger Testing Video

After 3 years, my pair of Thinx Sport still fits so well to my body! My regular underwear doesn’t even last this long.

Do Thinx Really work?

🎥 Watch My Thinx Leak-Proof Testing Video

Yes, they do! They really don’t leak as long as you know your flow. Let me explain.

Thinx won’t leak from the bottom because of their leak-proof layer, the 3rd layer. Thinx also don’t leak from the sides when you walk around or even when you exercise, because the design in the gusset part (in your crotch) fits really well.

However, if you go over the load of the pair of Thinx you’re wearing, then they leak. This is the same as for using pads, tampons, or mooncups.

When buying pads, the packages usually indicate the absorbency levels with numbers of droplets, right? Thinx does the same to help you decide which style works best for you. You can see this on Thinx official website.

For example, my period usually lasts for 5 days. I wear Thinx Hiphuggers every day during the daytime. I have to use 4 pairs of Thinx Hiphuggers on the first 2 days, my heaviest days. When I go to bed, I wear Thinx High-waist because they make me feel more secure. On my lighter days, I use one pair of Thinx Hiphugger and one pair of Thinx Sport.

🎥Videos of What Thinx Really Feel Like

Thinx hiphuggers meisupermei travel period underwear thinx from the side

You can try Thinx for 60 days.
If they don’t suit you, return them and get a full refund! Give Thinx A Try!

Can Thinx Really Replace Pads and Tampons?

Almost 100% for me. When I’m not traveling, I don’t need pads and tampons anymore. Sometimes, if my Thinx underwear aren’t dry yet due to high humidity, I have to use 1-2 pads during the period. This rarely happens though, and it happens less now that I have Thinx Air, which dries faster.

If my heavy days happen to be the day I have to camp out in the wild or take long-distance buses, I use a pad and wear Thinx as backup. This hasn’t happened though, because of the lockdown in 2020!

🎥 Watch My Thinx Leak-Proof Testing Video

Is the Absorbency Estimation on Thinx’s Website Accurate?

Yes. For example, when I used pads, I needed 5-6 pads on my heavy days. Now, I use 4 pairs of Thinx Hiphuggers on my heavy days. Now that I have the Thinx Super Hiphugger, I think I’ll only need 2 pairs on my heavy days!

Thinx introduced the Thinx Super series that can hold up to 4 tampons’ worth of liquid! That includes an option for organic cotton period underwear too!

Do Thinx Feel Thick?

🎥 See the Real Thickness

No. The part where the gusset is feels thicker than regular underwear, but they are not thick. Definitely a lot thinner than your pads! The cloth used in the gusset part is also flexible, so they don’t have that bulky feeling when wearing them.

The Thinx Super series feel thicker, which is suitable for people who need to feel more secure.

Can You Wear Thinx All Day?

On my lighter days, I could wear one pair of Thinx all day if I wanted, but I don’t because I want to feel fresh. It’s up to you.

Do Thinx Smell Bad?

This was my biggest concern before buying my first 3 pairs of Thinx. After using them monthly for three years, my period hasnt left any odor in my underwear. Except for some discoloration from drying them out in the sun, my Thinx underwear feels almost like new.

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This is probably because of the odor-controlling layer, which contains non-migratory silver. There are more details about this on the FAQ page on the Thinx official website.

During my period, I bring extra pairs in my purse for changing. I put the ones I change out of into a little bag in my purse and wash all of them together when I get home. When I take them out to wash, they don’t smell like anything other than blood.

Are Thinx Hygienic?

As mentioned on Thinx’s official website, each pair of Thinx period underwear has 4 layers. In the third layer, each pair  “has an application of non-migratory silver, commonly used in performance wear and medical devices to control odor and the spread of bacteria.” There’s more information about this on the FAQ page on the Thinx official website, under the question, “Are Thinx hygienic?”

🎥 What My Thinx Look Like INSIDE After 3 Years

How Do Thinx Handle Menstrual Clots?

This was a great question from many of my friends. Thinx still don’t leak when I have blood clots. They also don’t make the underwear fit less comfortably. However, Thinx don’t absorb these clots, so I wipe them off or change out my period underwear as soon as it happens, just like I would with pads.

Why Don’t I Use Mooncups?

I’m in full support of mooncups! Despite their plasticky feel and having to leave something in my vagina, I was still really interested in trying it. My decision to not use  them was too personal to announce here. Email me if you really want to know!

Disadvantages of Thinx

You can’t put them in the dryer. This means they dry slowly in humid weather, unless you have Thinx Air. For example, when I am in Taiwan, sometimes my Thinx dry too slowly after my first heavy day, and I have to use 1 or 2 pads on my second day before one of my Thinx dries.

Why Do I Still Recommend Thinx After 3 Years?

Thinx sport works well on your light days

🎥Videos of What Thinx Really Feel Like

  • Thinx Make My Period Feel Shorter: Thinx make me forget about the existence of my period. Aside from my heavy days when I have to change more often, I live a normal life on all the other days: freedom! A lot of the minor stresses just went away, such as worrying about side leaking constantly, pads shifting around, leaving something in my vagina, worrying about the sound of tearing the packages of pads open, etc. With Thinx, having a period finally doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore.
  • Environmental: Take my experience as an example: my period usually lasts 5 days. I usually used about 20 pads during one period. That is 240 pads in one year in a landfill!  Disposable pads, like disposable utensils, are such an unnecessary burden for our world. It takes me only about 2-3 minutes to wash each pair of Thinx. I can also put them in a washing machine if I want. Creating less trash makes me feel a lot more free.
  • Thinx Save Me Money: I have 6 pairs of Thinx and they cost me about US$200. After using them for three years, I spend about US$5.5 a month on average on my period. This is cheaper than buying pads every month in the US! Plus, for the last three years, my period experience was much more comfortable and I created less trash in the meantime!

Ready to Try Thinx Period Underwear?

See the full list of products and pictures on the official Thinx website.

Get US$10 off at checkout if you use my special discount link!

On top of my discount, you can get up to 20% off if you buy 3 pairs or more!

Plus, you can try Thinx risk-free: try them for 60 days. If you don’t like them, you can return them and get a full refund!

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