2021 Thinx Review: Do Thinx Really Work? Why Do They Not Leak?

Thinx and Super Mei Travel 品牌大使月經吸血褲

“Do Thinx period underwear leak?” Many people ask me this question when I recommend Thinx period underwear to them. Here is a video I created about how effective think period underwear is!

I own 6 pairs of Thinx period underwear and I have used them for 3 years. They still look and work great! I encourage everyone to give it a try. Plus, they have 60-day free trial!

?‍♀️My 3-Year Experience With Thinx Period Underwear

?‍♀️?My Video of Testing Leak-proof Thinx Period Underwear

I filmed this video myself when I was trapped in a hostel in Panama. #2020. 

I have used this Thinx Hiphugger in the video for 3 years. It is supposed to hold up to 2 tampons worth of liquid (about 10 ml). I actually used 15ml in the video. As you can see, it didn’t leak!

?How Do The Layers Absorb Blood?

When I pulled out the orange piece of paper under Thinx, you saw a little drop of water which didn’t come from leaking through. It came from me accidentally touching it with my wet fingers. I didn’t want to take another video again. ? That’s also the reason why the video is in Mandarin only. ?

Thinx Hiphugger is Thinx’s most popular style. I use it everyday for my period. I have only worn Thinx period underwear for going out, exercising, or chilling at home. No pads needed! They are so comfy and have quite a stylish design!

Do Thinx Leak 2021 Thinx Period Reviews

Except for some discoloration from drying under the sun, everything else in this Thinx Hiphugger (the seam, the elastics, etc.) is almost like new after 3 years!

If you’re still really worried about leaking, choosing Thinx Super series might be a better choice for you because it has double the absorbency – 4 tampons’ worth of liquid! That’d be about 20ml. They have many styles with high absorbency so take a look at Thinx’s website!

?How Can Thinx Absorb Blood?

Why Don't Thinx Leak How Do Thinx Absorb Blood

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Three out of the four layers of the fabric in the gusset part (in your crotch) are made to absorb liquid and prevent leaking. There’s more information about this on the official website of Thinx. You can check out the information in the page Learn under How It Works.

?‍♀️? I was so curious what the layers look like, so I cut open one of my old Thinx and made a little video. They’re in such a great condition! Check it out! 

I still remember how it felt when I let my period flow directly onto my Thinx underwear the very first time. I remember looking down at my Thinx Hiphugger and thought: it didn’t leak. It didn’t leak! ? Maybe I did a little happy dance too – still didn’t leak!

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You can try Thinx for 60 days.
If they don’t suit you, return them and get a full refund! Give Thinx A Try!

?Still Worried About Leaks?

Do Thinx Leak Thinx Ambassador Super Mei Travel Smile By the Pool Thinx Sport

If you are still hesitant about using Thinx for the first time, I understand. I’ve been there. These are my suggestions.

  • Choose the styles in the Super series. They have the absorbency up to 4 tampons worth! There’s an option for organic cotton too!
  • Wear your Thinx for a full cycle before you wear them outside. You’ll learn how to trust them. ?
  • Go to the bathroom more often during your period. Let your blood go into the toilet, not your period underwear. Soon you’ll see this is not necessary.
  • You can actually try Thinx for 60 days for free! If they don’t suit you, you can return them for free!

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?Other Questions

These are some other questions I’m always asked about Thinx related to leaking.

Q: Do Thinx leak through when you put pressure on it? For example, when walking or sitting with legs crossed?

A: No, they don’t leak through. If the amount of liquid has reached its limit, then it leaks from the sides. I have worn only Thinx during my period to go out walking or exercising! Even when I do my squatting! But remember, you have to understand your flow! I don’t exercise on my heaviest day, and when I exercise on my lighter days, I wear my Thinx Hiphugger. On my lighter days, I wear only Thinx Sport.

Q: Is Thinx Highwaist really enough for overnight?

A: Yes. However, I also know many people have heavier flow than I do during the night. If it usually leaks when you use overnight pads, then I think it’s safer to choose Thinx Super Hi-Waist so you sleep better. Some people also use a pad on Thinx Highwaist for overnight.

Why don't thinx period underwear leak

?Ready to Try Thinx Period Underwear?

Start browsing different styles on the official website of Thinx!

Get a discount at checkout if you use my special discount link!

On top of that discount, you can get up to 20% off if you buy 3 pairs or more in one order!

Plus, it’s risk-free: try them for 60 days. If you don’t like them, you can return them and get a full refund!

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